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Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Anyone is welcome to do track and field at The Woodlands High, and we will always try to match athletes’ events with their area of interest. However, due to reasons of safety, team discipline, and competitiveness, the coaching staff will have the final say in which events athletes practice for and compete in, as well as training methods, groups, and schedules.
  2. We believe that talent is not just physical talent. We believe that mental focus, emotional stability, academic competency, physical resilience, dedication, work ethic, selflessness, and pain management are also forms of talent that figure in success.
  3. We like to compete to win, and we don’t apologize for it. We also like to attain marks that are recognized as elite in our league, district, and state. Yet, we’ll ultimately judge our personal performances on how well we prepared, executed, and competed in our events. If we did those three things to the best of our ability, we will judge ourselves successful.
  4. We believe the health and well-being of the athletes is essential to a positive experience. We strive to keep athletes healthy, but we believe that the health of the athletes is mainly in the hands of the athletes themselves. To this end, we expect clear and complete communication about that athlete’s physical, mental, and emotional status, and we expect the athletes to make healthy, realistic decisions about what they do with their body away from the track.
  5. We believe that we must hold ourselves as coaches to the highest technical standards of our profession, and these standards should be passed on to our athletes in a way that they themselves are capable of understanding and teaching the concepts as well or better than we can. We believe that those who have passed through our program with dedication should leave with the ability to coach at the high school level. Additionally, we will strive to understand the latest research on physiological principles and how that applies to writing workouts and building a season plan so our athletes are at their physical peaks when the time comes.
  6. We are committed to TEAM, even though many times the best thing we can do for the team is to make sure we are prepared as individuals. Often TEAM means creating and accepting an atmosphere where the accomplishments of others are valued and celebrated along side our own, and the accomplishments of the TEAM are valued and celebrated above ANY individual accomplishments.
  7. Track and Field success is a journey, often a long one. We are on a road towards an impossible standard: perfection. We will always strive to be better than we were yesterday, and practice with the goal of being better tomorrow than we are today while understanding that setbacks are a part of the process. Steady improvement over time will set us apart from other programs
  8. Understand your role as a parent. Allow coaches to coach. Communicate your concerns at appropriate times. Be a parent rather than a coach. Let your student athlete know that you love them rather than rehashing their performance. Let the motivation for doing athletics come from them, rather than you. Our athletes’ performances are independent of their worth as human beings.

Additional Questions:

Who are your coaches and what experience do they have?
Go to our coaches bio page.
What sort of paperwork or fees does my child have to turn in to participate in track and field at The Woodlands High?
Each athlete is required to have a physical and complete the appropriate CISD travel forms.  Links to these forms can be located on the Highlander Speed and CISD websites.   Additional forms may be sent home throughout the season/year. Although, it is not a requirement, we do  ask all families and/or friends of Highlander Track & Field to join the booster club.
What sort of clothing or equipment will my child be ?  
SWEATS: Athletes should come to practice every day ready to participate in all weather conditions. Sweats and a sweatshirt are the minimum. Especially for any non-shot/disc person, the sweats should be of a type that allows for running, meaning not baggy around the ankles. Each athlete will be checked out sweats pants and sweat top (as long as supplies last).  If these items are not returned at the end of the season your son will be required to pay for the missing items.  Sweats (tops and bottoms) plus screen printing costs approx. $100 per set.
UNIFORM: Athletes competing in meets will be given a TWH uniform.  Uniforms are to only be worn at meets and should be returned at the end of the season.  If they are not returned, a replacement fee of  $80 will need to be paid to TWH Boys Track and Field for replacement costs
SHOES: Any athlete who runs (distance runners, sprinters, hurdles, relay members, but also jumpers and vaulters) will need a good pair of running shoes, preferably a pair that is set aside specifically for workouts. These athletes will also need event specific spikes. If you child is new to the sport, please wait to buy spikes until you know exactly what your child needs. Event coaches can assist you with this. While we TRY to supply some spikes for our Varsity athletes, it is very difficult to do this.   We advice you to purchase running shoes and spikes at the beginning of the season.

Shot and disc thrower can throw in general athletic shoes, but their performance and comfort will be greatly enhanced by purchasing throw specific shoes. Again, event coaches can help with this.

What are your practice times?  
Practice usually starts at 2:50 pm and will last at the latest 5:00pm for specialty athletes (relay runners, jumpers, etc.)  However generally practice lasts until 4:30pm. Event coaches may require special or additional practice times.
Where can I find the schedule and meet results?  
Click here
Are all meets required?  
We expect that all athletes who want to be a part of The Woodlands High track and field will have a strong desire to compete in all meets. However, with our large numbers, sometimes everyt athlete may not compete every week.  We are limited to the number of entries per event (3). If the coaching staff determines that athletes are not making the effort to participate fully, we will consider removing that athlete from the team. We are not providing a fitness club experience. We are providing a competitive opportunity and a team opportunity.
Can I transport my child home from an away meet?  
Conroe School District policy states that the head coach is responsible for the athletes at away meets, and the head coach can only release the athletes to a parent or legal guardian. Under no circumstances can athletes leave an away meet with other parents, other athletes, other relatives, or anyone else. We expect athletes attending meets to stay the entire time to support the team, even if they have completed their competition.
My child plays a club sport. How will this affect their track and field participation?  
You should know first of all that the UIL states that practice times and frequency cannot be altered to accommodate club sport athletes. Given that, Please read the following policy:
Non-Track and Field club involvement (i.e. club soccer or volleyball, or band, etc.): Club sports continue to proliferate at the high school level. This creates two potential conflicts for students who wish to be involved in both The Woodlands High Track and Field and a non-Track and Field club team simultaneously. The first potential conflict is the commitment to the team schedule, and the second one involves the health and well-being of the athletes.
Club teams often demand attendance at event or practice that require a Track and Field participant to miss team competition or practices.
The other conflict for club sport participants is the physical toll taken on the bodies of the athletes, something that often causes injuries as well as poor performances. The Woodlands High Track and Field workouts have been meticulously thought out and individualized to achieve specific levels of improvements in strength, speed, and stamina. Since our staff is held accountable for the safety and health of our athletes, we have an inherent right to ask students to limit outside activities that may jeopardize their safety and health during practice.
Additionally, any injuries, nagging, acute, or otherwise, that the coaching staff feels are being exacerbated by club participation can result in suspension from team activities until a parent-coach conference can be arranged to discuss the situation. Athletes who miss or are forced to limit participation in Track and Field practice or meets due to any injury will also be expected to miss club events and practices for health reasons. Failing to do so will result in removal from the team.
These policies are in place to ensure the health and safety of the athletes and a minimal commitment to the The Woodlands High Track and Field team. The above policies represent a compromise on the part of The Woodlands High Track and Field, and compromise is expected in return from the club system. If athletes and their clubs coaches cannot abide by these policies, the athletes will be forced to choose between the two. We reserve the right to remove athletes from the team who are not honest and forthright on this issue.

I competed myself and I’d like to coach my child. Is this possible?  
It is the policy of the Conroe ISD, The Woodlands High School, and The Woodlands High Track and Field that parents should focus on parenting while coaches focus on coaching. We feel strongly that these two should not mix. 

Our family is taking a vacation. Will this affect my child’s team status?  
The process of building workouts throughout the season is a delicate one, and it is easily upset by unannounced, in-season vacations that alter the work-rest-compete cycle we adhere to. Altering this plan can negate much of the hard work your child has put in for the year, sometimes resulting in significantly lowered performances, injury, and low morale. Unfortunately, SPRING BREAK comes in the middle of  Track Season.  We try really hard to work in days that you can enjoy your family (as we enjoy ours) during this time.  We will submit days we will workout during SPRING BREAK on our T&F schedule for that year.  Can you go on vacation?Basically we ask that you restrain yourself from  vacations in season (accept during the designated break times), for the sake of your athlete and the team.

How can I get more involved?  

  1. Join the booster club. We are largely under funded and would not be competitive without the booster club. For more information, visit
  2. Help officiate at meets. The school does not provide officials for our home meets, so our coaching staff must cobble together over 40 volunteer positions to make home meets work. We can find something for you to help us with, no matter how little your experience. Home meets dates can be found on our schedule page.
  3. Follow our updates at this site and at Twitter, a free service where you can sign up to have updates sent to your home page and/or your cell phone. Go to, get your own username and sign up for "highlanderspeed” updates!

Top 10 answers to questions your ahtlete should already know

1. Of course
2. No
3. Yes
4. YES!!!!
5. No, don't ask again
6. Thats YOUR responsibility
7. Duh
8. Please don't do that-Nooooooo
9. Keep up with your stuff
10. You leave the way you came!!!

Your athletes question:
1. Are we running today? Yes, we run in the rain and cold.
2. Are we there yet?
3. Do all the coaches have sock tans?
4. Should I have eaten at luch today?
5. Can We leave early?
6. Did you bring my shot and discus?
7. Was that my race?
8. Can I go under the hurdel?
9. Have you seen my uniform?
10. Do we hve to ride the bus?

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